Badian Fishpond Weekly Activity Report

September 28- October 03, 2020

In the Philippine context, agriculture plays a vital role in the economy of the country because of its climate and resources. However, one might wonder, is it still smart to invest and venture in the agriculture industry with the pandemic these days? Despite the crises that the country is recently dealing with, engaging in agricultural ventures is still a smart move to do since the agriculture industry and its ventures remain to be stable and sustainable.

In connection to agricultural ventures, several activities were scheduled at the Badian Fishpond last September 28 to October 03, 2020. For the repairs, the fixing of the water controls of Ponds 8 and 9 was continued, as well as for the dike.

Aside from this, the transfer of fingerlings to the fish cage was also carried on. Moreover, the bangus fry was received from the supplier in Argao. With regard to the bamboos in the area, bamboos were hauled for balsa-making, and a few were planted along the perimeter of the fishpond. Aside from bamboos, fruit-bearing trees were also planted in the location.


As of October 07, 2020, the number of bangus in Pond 8 amounted to 149,716. Moreover, on the same day, the population of bangus in Fish Cage A is 4,874 and 3,228 in Fish Cage B. Lastly, still, on October 07, the number of bangus in Pond 4 is 107,330.

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