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Port Captain

• Direct where any vessel shall be berthed, moored or anchored, and the method of anchoring within port and the approaches to the port.
• Direct the removal of any vessel from any berth or anchorage to another berth or anchorage and the time within such removal is to be effected.
• Regulate the mooring of vessels within the port and the approaches to the port
• Oversees the maintenance and provision of navigational aids within the port’s harbor
• Ensures that ships safely navigate the area and balance the port’s commercial business with the surrounding environment and port’s ecosystem
• Provides assistance to vessels in distress or difficulty in the harbor or vicinity
• Enforces CPA, municipality’s harbor ordinances and dock laws
• Assigns tugboats or mooring boats to specific moorings on docks and rafts
• Inspects vessels and oversees pilotage and tug services
• Coordinate responses to emergencies and investigation including criminal acts, customs, maritime, safety and environmental and pollution issues
• Informs or reports to police, customs, coastguard, immigration or other authorities over handling of any offenders or incident that happened within the harbor
• Performs any other duties and tasks that may be assigned by the immediate superior from time to time